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What’s wrong with Secretary Kim [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi – Complete All Episodes Added

Watch What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Episode 4 Online

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi [Episode 1-4 Added] – KDramas Urdu

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? is a Korean drama that you can watch in a variety of languages. It is available in English, Russian, Indonesian, and 34 more languages. The entire series lasts sixteen episodes and lasts 60 minutes. It is also available in the original Korean language. There are several subtitle options, including Urdu, Hindi, and Turkish.

Lee Young-joon’s personal secretary Kim Mi So

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? is a South Korean drama series based on the novels by Jung Kyung Yoon and Kim Young Mi. The series features a star-studded cast and comes with many comedic and romantic moments. You can watch the show in English, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Indonesian, and more.

A highly capable secretary, Kim Mi So is an indispensable member of the Lee family business empire. Kim Mi So has been Lee Young-joon’s personal secretary for nine years. When Kim Mi So decides to quit, Lee Young-joon realizes he can’t live without her. The two share a painful childhood experience. Kim Mi So is very good at her job, which makes them so close.

During their journey, Kim Mi-so finds herself in love. She searches for a man she loves from a past experience and falls for Lee Young-joon. They both have many secrets, including Lee’s past. Lee Young-joon is a wealthy, handsome, and able businessman, but he also suffers from PTSD. Kim Mi-so’s love life has a lot to offer.

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Young-joon’s secretariat isn’t the shining star that Young-joon believes it to be

The secretariat of Young-joon’s political party is not the shining star that the actor believes it to be. In this episode, we learn why the secretariat of the Young-joon political party is not as successful as the actor believes. Young-joon is under the influence of the powerful Ji-hyang. As a result, he starts to feel disillusioned and even depressed. This episode’s plot twists make the film even more unpredictable than the first one.

Mi So finds it difficult to believe that Young-joon’s family is lying about their boss. She visits Young-joon’s mother, where she finds a clue that will help her understand her son. She also begins to see the other side of her boss’s personality, which makes her wonder if the secretariat is what Young-joon thinks it is.

The VP of the major corporation, Young-joon, is a cocky, arrogant and handsome man, but his secretary, Kim Mi-So, is a woman he can’t stand. She’s been the perfect secretary for nine years, but he’s arrogant and loaded. Miso, on the other hand, is the perfect secretary.

Mi So doesn’t believe in Young-joon’s sexy behavior and doesn’t want to see him with the wrong crowd. When Young-joon finds her in the living room of his house, she’s almost too tired to fall asleep. She finds him there. Then, she finds her car keys, which he threw at No Eul. They bonded over their past. Luckily, Mi So accepts this sexy act, but it makes the relationship seem a bit stale and unloving.

As Min-Young steps down from her position of nine years, Lee-Young realizes how much he relies on her. The two had spent countless hours together building a fit physique, and now Young-joon barely acknowledges anyone around him. Min-Young also realizes how much Young-joon relies on her and the relationship that develops between them.

However, the secretariat isn’t the shining beacon that the KJ Group thinks it is. While Ji Tae’s past was a dark one, he and No Eul were able to make the world they live in a happy and secure manner. However, the KJ Group’s reports on Ji Tae’s involvement in the kidnapping smacks of embezzlement.

The upcoming drama also features the debut of a new character, Hyun Joon. Choi Yoo Jin, the son of slaves in Korea, becomes an American soldier. He is assigned to a mission in Joseon, where he meets a mysterious lady named Lady Go Ae Shin. This saga is set in an era of war, and we’ll see how the two meet in the end.

While Kim Ji Soo is an excellent actor, she is far from perfect. She’s awkward, but still looks great. Her blustery personality is a welcome change. Her character has a wonderful motto – “Don’t think, feel” – that says it all. Likewise, Lee Dong Gun is a handsome and energetic young man. While his character arcs, he looks as though he’s the sexiest man on the planet.

Kim Mi So isn’t the only one who helps Young-joon solve problems

While Young-joon is the main character, Kim Mi So is not the only one who solves problems for him. Yoo Shik is the first to make a suggestion that Young Joon should consider. He explains that Mi So has been helping him out a lot. This is especially helpful since the two of them don’t always get along. In the beginning of the episode, Mi So and Young Joon are having a conversation and it’s quite emotional.

Young-joon is a narcissist. He works as the vice-chairman of a huge corporation. His secretary Kim Mi So is always ready for his calls, even when they are in the middle of the night. When Kim Mi So tries to quit her job, Young-joon tries to prevent her from doing it and proposes marriage to her. She reluctantly agrees to do so.

The relationship between Young-joon and Mi So has a complicated history. In the beginning, the two were good friends but later on, Young-joon lost his memory. However, he was abducted and held by his kidnapper. As a result, his memory is faulty and Mi So believes this. The episode also features Young-joon and Mi So as lovers, but in reality, their love is a romantic one.

Kim Mi So isn’t the only person who helps Young-joon solve his problems. He is also a great friend and helps Young-joon solve his problems. Miso is a witty character who does not depend on Youngjoon’s proposal to keep him in the picture. It shows Young-joon’s emotional growth as the two begin to realize their relationship.

After she and Young Joon have decided to move in together, Mi So invites Young Joon to stay the night with her. She’s nervous about letting someone stay with her, but he reassures her that he’ll make sure she’s safe and comfortable. Young Joon even tries to buy dinnerware for her with a shoe.

In another episode, Kim Mi So is seen sleeping in a guest room at Young Joon’s house. Although she doesn’t have a bed, she still joins Young Joon and her. Young Joon follows her into the guest room without a couch and sleeps on the floor. Then he starts singing for Mi So until she falls asleep. When she finally falls asleep, Mi So is able to sleep without worrying. However, after singing her a song, Young Joon could not sleep.

The popular manhwa “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” was also inspired by a novel by Jung Kyung-yoon. In this drama, Lee Young-joon is a perfectionist who wants to save his secretary Kim Mi-so from quitting. The two novels are similar in their funny and awkward situations. They are not the only ones who help Young-joon overcome his problems.


  • Drama: What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Jun 6, 2018 – Jul 26, 2018
  • Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
  • Original Network: tvN
  • Duration: 1 hr. 9 min.
  • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older


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