Time to Fall in Love [Chinese Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Complete All 24 Episodes Added

Time to Fall in Love now Available in Urdu Hindi Dubbed. Want to watch or get it? You can watch the Full Drama Time to Fall in Love in Urdu and Hindi on this site (kdramasurdu.com). Remember to share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!


Time to Fall in Love “Time for Love’s Embrace” is a captivating Chinese drama that chronicles the enchanting voyage of Chen Ke and Xia Ying. Their paths intertwine by fate, as they navigate the intricacies of contemporary romance, professional ambitions, and personal development. Amidst the trials and tribulations of life, this series delves into the profound impact of love, underscoring the significance of perfect timing and unwavering determination in relationships. “Time for Love’s Embrace” unravels a heartwarming tale of two souls discovering solace and bliss in the companionship of one another.—Watch it! You won’t be disappointed.


  •  Drama Name: Time to Fall in Love
  •  Country: Chinese Drama
  •  Episodes: 24
  •  Language: Urdu Hindi Dubbed
  •  By: KDramas Urdu (kdramasurdu.com)

Time to Fall in Love Urdu Hindi Dubbed

All Complete Episodes are Official and You can watch or Download it from the below links.

ep 1(terabox)

ep 2(terabox)

ep 3(terabox)

ep 4(terabox)

ep 5(terabox)

ep 6(terabox)

ep 7(terabox)

ep 8(terabox)

ep 9(terabox)

ep 10(terabox)

ep 11(terabox)

ep 12(terabox)

ep 13(terabox)

ep 14(terabox)

ep 15(terabox)

ep 16(terabox)

ep 17(terabox)

ep 18(terabox)

ep 19(terabox)

ep 20(terabox)

ep 21(terabox)

ep 22(terabox)

ep 23(terabox)

ep 24(terabox)

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