The Village: Achiara’s Secret Korean Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode 11-20 Added

The Village: Achiaras Secret – Watch Episodes Online

The Village: Achiara’s Secret (Korean Drama) Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Episode 1-10 Added – KDramas Hindi

The Village: Achiaras Secret is a South Korean thriller that focuses on three people: a single mother named Go Ae Rin, a detective from a special investigation team, and legendary black ops agent Kim Bon. They are brought together in a quest to save the world, but their journey is complicated by a series of unfortunate events. Read on to find out how to download the episodes and watch them on your mobile phone!

Go Ae Rin is a single mother

In “The Village: Achiaras Secret,” Go Ae Rin is a single mom who gets caught up in a spy war. She lives in an apartment with her new neighbor Kim Bon, whose code name is “Terius.” Three years ago, Kim Bon went missing without a trace. It turns out that he was involved in a failed secret operation that cost him his love and his family, so he moved into the apartment next door.

The Village: Achiaras Secret is a Korean drama that explores the lives of single mothers in rural areas. It’s set in the fictional village of Achiara, where English teacher Han So Yoon teaches. When he accidentally discovers the body of a local resident, the town goes into a panic. The town speculates on the identity of the dead person, and the two women team up with Police Officer Woo Jae to find out the truth. As they approach each other, the shocking horror of the village is revealed.

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Cha Jung Han is a detective for a special investigation team

The village of Achiara is not part of the Rainy Wednesday serial killer zone. A new Canadian English teacher, Han Soo Yoon, moves to the village, but she quickly discovers a corpse there. In order to solve the case, Han must unravel the mysterious secrets of the village and find out who is behind this murder. But finding the truth is not so easy. Everybody in Achiara has a secret and there’s reason to hate someone. Thankfully, there are not too many side stories to bury or explain away the mystery.

In Achiara, a peaceful village, a mysterious death has buried itself in the earth. Han Sooon, a new English teacher, has come to investigate the death of a family member. She teams up with police officer Woo Jae, and together they search for the truth. As they approach the murderer, they uncover the terrifying secrets of the village.

Kim Bon is a legendary black ops agent

In The Village: Achiaras Secret Korean drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed, a legendary black ops agent named Kim Bon takes on a new challenge: he becomes a single mother. She becomes involved in a mysterious plot after her husband disappears. Kim Bon and Go Ae Rin must work together to solve the mystery. They team up with Jin Young Tae, an ex-con who may have the solution to the conspiracy. They also encounter a young police officer named Will who is exposed to a series of murders.

The village of Achiara is a peaceful town where the crime rate is relatively low. However, when English teacher Han So Yoon arrives there, he accidentally discovers a buried corpse. The whole town becomes suspicious and speculates about the identity of the killer. So Yoon and Woo Jae work together to solve the mystery. As they get closer to the culprit, the horror of the village becomes clear.


  • Drama: The Village: Achiara’s Secret
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Language: Urdu, Hindi
  • By: KDramas Hindi
  • Duration: 1 hr. 5 min


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