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The Long Ballad 2021 [Chinese Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Episode 36-40 Added

The Long Ballad is a Chinese Drama Dubbed in Urdu/Hindi Official and You can watch or Download it from the below links if you don’t know how to download then click on How to Download link below and Don’t forget to give feedback in the comments. Thanks

Post Details:

  • Series Name: Chang Ge Xing (Season 1) Or The Long Ballad 2021
  • IMDb Ratings: 8.6/10
  • Stars: Kudousi Jiang Ainiwaer, Dilraba Dilmurat, Yilun Fang
  • Genres: Action, History, Romance, C-Drama .
  • Quality: 1080p / 720p / 480p [HD]
  • Language: Hindi Dub (ORG)


The Long Ballad (CHINESE DRAMA (IN HINDI)); 长歌行;  Watch Chang Ge Xing (Hindi Dubbed) Online for free at KDramasUrdu Visit and watch all the episodes of The Long Ballad (Hindi Dubbed) online anytime and anywhere on Playflix & KDramas Urdu.


The year is 626 C.E, and the realm and its political center Chang’an, are shaken to its core by the Xuanwu Gate Incident, a successful palace coup to take charge of the Tang Dynasty. A scheming prince leads the bloody coup and kills the family of Li Chang Ge during the raid, although she manages to escape. Now the prince has placed himself on the Imperial throne, and rules as Emperor Tai Zong. Li Chang Ge has her mind firmly set on revenge – and musters a powerful army intent on overthrowing the new Emperor. But her plans are thrown into disarray when she suffers an unexpected defeat against the armies of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate. The victorious General, Ashile Sun, decides to keep her in his service, making her his military strategist as he looks to pursue his own military goals. The duo forms a formidable military partnership. And over time, she finds herself falling for her captor – as he also starts developing feelings for her. 

~Adapted from the manhua “Chang Ge Xing” (长歌行) by Xia Da (夏达). 

Chinese Drama (Now In Hindi):

The Long Ballad (长歌行 / Chang Ge Xing)  is a Chinese television series

  • Native Title: 长歌行
  • Also Known As: Song of the Long March , Princess Changge , Princess Chang Ge , Chang Ge Xing , 長歌行 , The Long March of Princess Changge
  • Screenwriter: Chang Jiang, Pei Yu Fei
  • Director: Chu Yui Bun
  • Genres: Action, Historical, Romance, War
  • Tags: Adapted From A Manhua, Strong Female Lead, Tang Dynasty, Strong Male Lead, Smart Female Lead, Betrayal, Slow Burn Romance, Hidden Identity, Cross-Dressing, Revenge


As much as I find this drama’s character development addicting, it must be said that the plot is flimsy and requires heavy suspension of disbelief. This is partly because the plot development is constrained by historical facts. While it is very cool to journey with our characters to all the historical hot spots and watch them interact with great historical figures while history plays out, the plot itself doesn’t amount to much more than that. Changge’s mother’s story is tragic but anti-climatic as far as mysteries go and that is the problem, the drama doesn’t really have a climax. The entire last arc is not only implausible, the main antagonist was mis-cast and their acting was so appalling I really cringed through many moments of the final few episodes. As for the ending, I found it most fitting. Weddings are not the same without family, permission was asked and received and beautiful vows were exchanged. We don’t need more than that.

Broadly speaking, men are followers of women in this drama making it is the ultimate female fantasy fiction that on sheer addictiveness and enjoyment factor alone merits a 10/10. But objectively speaking it also has some flaws that make an overall 9.0/10.0 more fair.


Links Are Here:

E01 720p | GDrive | Direct

E02 720p | GDrive | Direct

E03 720p | GDrive | Direct

E04 720p | GDrive | Direct

E05 720p | GDrive | Direct

E06 720p | GDrive | Direct

E07 720p | GDrive | Direct

E08 720p | GDrive | Direct

E09 720p | GDrive | Direct

E10 720p | GDrive | Direct

E11 720p | GDrive | Direct

E12 720p | GDrive | Direct

E13 720p | GDrive | Direct

E14 720p | GDrive | Direct

E15 720p | GDrive | Direct

E16 720p | GDrive | Direct

E17 720p | GDrive | Direct

E18 720p | GDrive | Direct

E19 720p | GDrive | Direct

E20 720p | GDrive | Direct

E21 720p | GDrive | Direct

E22 720p | GDrive | Direct

E23 720p | GDrive | Direct

E24 720p | GDrive | Direct

E25 720p | GDrive | Direct

E26 720p GDrive | Direct

E27 720p | GDrive | Direct

E28 720p | GDrive Direct

E29 720p | GDrive | Direct

E30 720p GDrive Direct

E31 720p | GDrive | Direct

E32 720p | GDrive | Direct

E33 720p | GDrive | Direct

E34 720p | GDrive Direct

E35 720p | GDrive | Direct


NOTE: Stay Tuned for the Next Episodes…


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