The Bequeathed [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Complete All 06 Episodes Added

The Bequeathed now Available in Urdu Hindi Dubbed. Want to watch or get it? You can watch the Full Drama The Bequeathed in Urdu and Hindi on this site ( Remember to share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!


The Bequeathed “The Bequeathed” revolves around a perplexing inheritance that intertwines the lives of Kang Min-hyuk and Lee Min-jung in this Korean drama. As they unravel the enigmatic origins of the bequest, they find themselves entangled in a complex tapestry of family history, deceit, and affection. This drama delves into the profound influence of the past on the present, unraveling concealed ties and sentiments. Through a captivating storyline, “The Bequeathed” explores the journey of self-discovery and intrigue as the characters confront their intertwined heritage.—Watch it! You won’t be disappointed.


  •  Drama Name: The Bequeathed
  •  Country: Korean Drama
  •  Episodes: 06
  •  Language: Urdu Hindi Dubbed
  •  By: KDramas Urdu (

The Bequeathed Urdu Hindi Dubbed

All Complete Episodes are Official and You can watch or Download it from the below links.

ep 1(terabox) ep 1(gdrive)

ep 2(terabox) ep 2(gdrive)

ep 3(terabox) ep 3(gdrive)

ep 4(terabox) ep 4(gdrive)

ep 5(terabox) ep 5(gdrive)

ep 6(terabox) ep 6(gdrive)

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