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” KDramas Urdu “ The Song of the bandits is actually recently updated Netflix drama that is not available in Hindi Dubbed. You can read the storyline below if you want to get any idea regarding the story of this drama. This is a Action Thriller Korean Drama and was on my waitlist for a very long. I loved this drama and hope you will also like this drama. See by yourself from the following links below and if you don’t know how you can watch then check out the video below explain the drama.


The gripping Korean drama “Song of Bandits” is renowned for its fusion of historical intrigue, action-packed scenes, and intense emotional narrative. It is set against the turbulent Goryeo Dynasty.

The narrative recounts the life of the charismatic lead actor’s portrayal of Hong Gil-dong, a mythical person from Korean folklore. Gil-dong, an illegitimate son of a nobleman, is exposed to the social injustices and disparities firsthand because of his birth. He sets off on a quest to become a bandit leader, utilising his smart mind and excellent martial abilities to fight against oppression, driven by a yearning for justice.

As Gil-dong’s notoriety as a fearsome bandit spreads, he gathers a diverse and devoted band of followers, each with their own special skills and histories. Together, they create an outlaw group akin to Robin Hood who are renowned for stealing the rich and powerful and giving the loot to the underprivileged.

Gil-dong meets the outstanding actress who plays Heo Yi-nok while on one of his excursions. A talented archer and tenacious woman, Yi-nok becomes a vital member of Gil-dong’s bandit family. Their relationship is marked by camaraderie, respect for one another, and a common dedication to the pursuit of justice.

The series stands out for its intricately rendered historical backdrop, which highlights the practises, attire, and political complexity of the Goryeo period. Viewers are transported back in time by the picturesque scenery and historically accurate details, which serve as an arresting setting for the drama as it plays out.

Gil-dong and his crew deal with ruthless foes throughout the story, such as dishonest officials and competing bandit organisations. The show deftly juggles intense action scenes with reflective ones, emphasising the challenges and sacrifices made by the bandits in their fight for a more equitable society.

Growing along with Gil-dong’s legend is the threat posed by those who want to bring him down. As he struggles with his own sense of identity and purpose, his dual identities as a bandit and a nobleman lends an intriguing depth of complexity to the character.

Each performer in the ensemble cast gives excellent performances, giving their parts depth and realism. The relationships developed in the crucible of struggle are highlighted by the chemistry between the cast members, especially amongst the lead characters, which gives the series an emotional resonance.

A masterfully created play, “Song of Bandits” mixes aspects of drama, action, and historical intrigue to present a gripping story. It honours the tenacious attitude of those who are willing to stand up to authority and fight for a better future. The show encourages viewers to take an epic journey through a crucial time in Korean history through its endearing characters, stunning cinematography, and compelling plot.

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DRAMAS NAME:- Song of Bandits

COUNTRY:- Korean Drama

AUDIO:- Hindi Dubbed

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