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Our Beloved Summer is a Korean Drama Dubbed in English Official and You can watch or Download it from the below links if you don’t know how to download then click on How to Download link below and Don’t forget to give feedback in the comments. Thanks


Our Beloved Summer is a South Korean romantic comedy television series that tells the story of Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-soo, two former high school sweethearts who reunite after their documentary from 10 years ago suddenly becomes popular.

Choi Ung is a talented illustrator who is content with his simple life. He is not interested in fame or fortune, and he prefers to spend his time drawing and painting. Kook Yeon-soo is a successful fashion designer who is driven and ambitious. She is always striving to be the best, and she is not afraid to put in the hard work to achieve her goals.

The two of them were once very much in love, but they broke up after a fight. They both felt that they were too different, and they could not see a future together. However, when their documentary becomes popular, they are forced to face each other again.

As they spend more time together, they start to realize that they still have feelings for each other. However, they are both hesitant to admit their feelings, for fear of getting hurt again.

Throughout the series, Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-soo learn to overcome their differences and to accept each other for who they are. They also learn to trust each other and to be vulnerable with each other.

In the end, they realize that they are meant to be together, and they finally get the happy ending that they deserve.

Our Beloved Summer is a heartwarming and heartwarming story about love, loss, and second chances. It is a reminder that love is worth fighting for, even when things are tough.

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DRAMAS NAME:- Our Beloved Summer

COUNTRY:- Korean Drama

AUDIO:- Hindi Dubbed

QUALITY:- 480p, 720p

SIZE :- 350MB, 550MB

BY:- KDramas Urdu

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