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Korean television drama, sometimes known as ‘K-Drama,’ refers to Korean-language drama series produced in South Korea.  Choi Chang Bong’s film Death Row Prisoner, directed by Choi Chang Bong, was launched Korean drama in May 1956. With the rise of Korean broadcasting businesses in the 1960s and 1970s, the genre grew in popularity and began airing on color television in 1981. Youth-oriented, soap-opera-style Korean dramas took root in the 1990s and 2000s, propelling the Korean drama genre into the international spotlight. They have subsequently helped to disseminate Korean culture over the world, a phenomenon known as the “Korean Wave.”And, with the launch of KBS-TV at the end of December 1961, television dramas gained traction. In the early 1960s, single-act dramas like “Friday Theater” and “Continuous Historical Drama” were popular, but daily soap operas took over in the late 1960s. The most popular drama in the 1960s was “Sajikgol Old West Room,” which aired in 1967, and Dongyang TV aired the first daily soap opera, “Snowfall,” in 1968. Meanwhile, “The Frog Husband,” which was broadcast on MBC in 1969 and was based on an affair, generated a societal stir for the first time in the nation’s drama history.


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