Exo Next Door [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi Unofficial [Ep 1-2 Added]

Korean Drama in Urdu Hindi Unofficial Ep 1-2 Added

Exo Next Door [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi Unofficial [Ep 1-2 Added] – KDramas Urdu

If you’re looking for the best Korean drama in Urdu Hindi, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss the most important characters of Exo Next Door, including Yeon Hee, Jeon Hee, Kim Hyun Suk, and Nam Joo-ho. You can also learn about the chemistry between these three actors.

Exo Next Door – Yeon Hee

The first two episodes of “Exo Next Door” are now available in Urdu and Hindi, and are a must-watch for Exo fans. Yeon Hee is a sexy, quirky character who struggles to connect with those around her. While her inability to speak well makes her a popular target for fans of male idols, her sexy charm makes her an unforgettable character.

The movie follows the life of Yeon-hee, a 23-year-old girl who is paralyzed by the sight of good-looking boys. Meanwhile, four members of the boy band “EXO” are trying to maintain a low profile and move in next door. Chanyeol is one of the members of the group, and he is tasked with choosing rooms for the boys. The two girls are friends, but the four members of the band are still very much aloof and have no idea that they are encroaching on Yeon Hee’s life.

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Yeon Hee

The web series EXO Next Door starred the members of the famous boy band EXO, including Moon Gayoung. The show was initially deemed a Cringe Comedy, but grew to be one of the most popular in the Korean market, with over 50 million views. In the aftermath of its success, CJ E&M made a film version of the series, which was sold to overseas buyers at the Cannes Film Market.

In Exo Next Door, Yeon Hee meets four members of the popular idol group. The drama revolves around the life of Yeon Hee, who is a die-hard fan of the group. She finds herself in the middle of the drama when she goes to their house, where she mistakenly meets the boys. The boys are all members of the EXO Line, and she is fascinated by their lives.

Jeon Hee

This Korean drama follows the life of a devoted fan of idol group Exo. After a hiccup in the group’s promotional schedule, Yeon-hee calls her best friend and asks her to spy on the boys. When they arrive at the house, Yeon-hee is surprised to discover that the boys are the leaders of the group. The movie is one of the most popular Korean dramas on YouTube.

The drama’s popularity is based on the fact that its cast includes some of the most popular figures in the world. Fans of the group can look forward to seeing their favorite members in different roles, including the adorable Jeon Hee. The show is available in multiple languages and countries. Fans can also watch it online in their native languages. In addition to Korean dramas, fans can also watch Bollywood movies, Indian films, and Japanese cartoons.

Kim Hyun Suk

The end is near for EXO Next Door. Moon Gayoung and Kim Hyun Suk play the members of the Korean boy band EXO. The web series was called a Cringe Comedy but it was so popular in Korea that it was later re-edited into a feature film. It was sold overseas at the Cannes Film Market.

When a mysterious black van drives through the neighborhood, Ji Yeon Hee finds four members of the boy group EXO in the house of her neighbor Chanyeol. Chanyeol has been searching for a duplicate necklace given to him by his grandfather. However, Chanyeol has been having a series of misfortunes and is desperate to find it. Soon, Ji Yeon Hee is forced to take on the role of a boys’ maid. She learns that one of the EXO members is much closer to her than she had thought.

The relationship between Se Hun and Kwang Soo is a highlight of the show. Both actors play odd characters and form a bromance with one another. This bond is entertaining and helps the plot progress. Besides, there is an awesome dance number at the end of the episode. There is a lot to love in this drama. It’s a must watch for fans of K-dramas.

Song Ji Hyun

The second season of the hit reality TV show Exo Next Door has been released in Urdu and Hindi! Fans have been clamoring for more. In addition to singing and dancing, the cast has been doing commercials and promoting their new album, “Story of Exo”! But is the hype just a ploy to lure viewers? The answers lie in the trailers and the reviews!

The plot follows the lives of a 23-year-old girl, Ji Yeon-hee. She is obsessed with the idol group and blushes when she gets too close to a guy. When she finds a good-looking boy, she is paralyzed by jealousy. Meanwhile, the four members of the idol group, called EXO, are trying to maintain a low profile. Their house is located right in front of Ji Yeon-hee’s.

Seo In (Exo Next Door)

After several years, EXO has released another Korean drama that has gained widespread popularity. The new series, EXO Next Door, stars members as themselves in a fictional story. The characters are closely based on the members’ personalities, and will be similar to the members’ real lives. Moon Ga Young will play the lead female role. The Korean drama will be released in Asia through Naver TV Cast and the LINE platform. EXO’s concert on March 7 will unveil a teaser for the new drama.


  • Drama: EXO Next Door
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Apr 9, 2015 – May 28, 2015
  • Aired On: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Original Network: Naver TV Cast
  • Duration: 15 min.
  • Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older


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