Bring it on Ghost [Korean Drama] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Complete All 16 Episodes Added

Bring it on Ghost Korean Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode 2 Added to DVD

This is the second episode of the popular Korean drama. In the show, Cha Jung-Han, a detective for the special investigation team, has been busy with violent cases. Eventually, he decides to adopt his niece Eun-Ae. But while he struggles to raise the girl, he also falls in love with Han Ye-Seul, a single mother raising her son alone. In the original Korean, the title of the drama is “My First Love,” or Pahle Pyar Main.


In this episode, we’re going to see the end of the first half of the drama. This episode opens with Hyun-ji’s attempt to fight off a ghost. She’s a bit angry because she didn’t want to become a ghost, but she’s determined to get back to her normal life. When the ghost tries to chase her, she catches up with her and she collapses. Meanwhile, Hyun-ji is accompanied by her friend, Bong-pal, who’s a sexy professor.

In-rang realizes that the tea he had drunk was laced with a sedative, and she starts to remember the accident her and Hye-sung caused. She passes out in front of a wall, and she is rescued by her friend, Bong-pal. Bong-pal quickly runs to the store to get some medicine for her. Meanwhile, Hyun-ji tries to get rid of her boyfriend, but Bong-pal doesn’t listen to her.

Bong-pal sees Hyun-ji leaving the hospital. He follows her to her house to see if he can help her, and also buys her a necklace. However, while he’s at the hospital, Hyun-ji’s mother comes to get him. She tells him that she was fainting because of Hyun-ji’s presence yesterday. Hyun-ji tells Bong-pal that she would have gotten into Myungsung University before the accident, and that she should graduate by now.

When Hyun-ji and her friends get home, they’re having a post-relationship therapy session. After that, Hyun-ji gets a call from the school’s manager. He tries to convince him to let the girl stay home with him, but he’s refused. Fortunately, he gets her address and she is rescued.


In this second episode of “Bring it on Ghost Korean Drama in Urdu Hindi” dubbed into English, Hyun-ji learns that his mother died of a ghost. Hyun-ji is determined to stop this immoral ghost from destroying the world. In order to do so, he asks Bong-pal’s help. The two men decide to work together to solve this case.

Bong-pal arrives with books and tells Hyun-ji that he’s her boyfriend. He gives her his business card and saves his number in her cell phone. Bong-pal then sets out to find Hyun-ji. He finds her desk and puts the books and toothbrush and cup combo. Meanwhile, Hyun-ji is in the process of finishing her school work when she notices Bong-pal’s sudden disappearance.

The new members of the study group are reunited, but the two students start dating. Hyun-ji is a clumsy and shy student, but is secretly working towards a career in the music industry. After the accident, she takes an exam to prove her worth, but she fails. Bong-pal then meets with his colleagues, Cheon-sang and In-rang. He tells her that they are his seniors, but they are very nice and help him. The two soon become partners in ghost fighting and have a blast with their new friends.

Bong-pal discovers that Hyun-ji has a new friend and apologizes to him for shouting at him earlier. He also makes Hyun-ji a delicious oxtail soup and a new backpack for her. Bong-pal and In-rang find out that Hyun-ji has been amnesic due to the trauma she suffered from. Hyun-ji begins to realize that her memories will return in time, but she is still haunted.


The second episode picks up after Myung-cheol has overheard locals discussing the rumors that haunt the inn. The locals claim that a young girl was beaten to death in one of the rooms. Apparently, the ghost is still haunting that room and has started a killing spree, and it is Myung-cheol’s mission to stop this.

Hyun-ji notices the monk’s bandage on his arm, which is unusual. He then takes the monk to the police station and makes sure to take down the culprit, Detective Yang. Detective Yang overhears their conversation and catches Myung-cheol trying to stop a hit-and-run. After a long and drawn-out investigation, Detective Yang identifies Hye-sung as the culprit. The two officers work together to solve the crime, and they find a dead body in a nearby forest.

Hyun-ji, who has gone mad at the sight of her murderer, is apprehensive about the situation. He tells Hyun-ji that he’ll protect her and is sure that she’ll do the same. Hyun-ji and Bong-pal continue to scuffle, but the two men work together to save Hyun-ji.

The two are in love and the hotel manager is not pleased with their newlyweds. However, their relationship chart has been uploaded to the series website and can be viewed there. The actress who plays Jang-cheol’s character is the hotel manager. He’s a shrew who tries to take the manager’s position in the hotel.

Bong-pal and Hyun-ji get into an argument in class. Hyun-ji is determined to kiss Bong-pal, but the ghost thwarts her. Meanwhile, Hyun-ji is headed to university. He is being tracked by GhostNet, which confirms that Bong-pal has the ability to interact with ghosts. When Bong-pal leaves the school, the ghosts follow him to his motel.

Soju bombs

The second installment of the critically acclaimed Korean drama “Bring it on Ghost” has been released in Urdu and Hindi dub. It stars Kim Go-Eun, Lee Min-ho, and Woo Do-hwan. The plot centers around a man who crosses a magical door to a parallel world and meets a tough cop. Together, they embark on a romantic journey to shut the door opened by demons.

Those who are new to this genre of drama will be surprised to learn that there are many dubbed Korean dramas available in Indian languages, including Hindi. In fact, many popular Korean dramas have been dubbed in Hindi, allowing a wider audience to access them. You can also watch dubbed episodes of these dramas on Netflix. This list is not comprehensive, but if you’re looking for dramas dubbed in Hindi, you’ll find it here!

When Hyun-ji learns that Bong-pal’s mother had died from a ghost, she takes it as a challenge. She tries to stop him by saving money to fix his vision, but it is too late. The ghosts have already made their way to Hyun-ji’s school, and Hyun-ji is not prepared for the meeting.

Myung-cheol’s attempt to dispel the evil spirit

This drama centers around the counters, a group of people with supernatural powers. Their job is to kill evil spirits who have escaped the afterlife in order to become immortal. These evil spirits will possess local humans and feed on their spirit. The Counters are given superhuman strength and other powers when they undergo a coma. The main character, Myung-cheol, is possessed by the evil spirit Chung-sin.

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