Backstreet Rockie 2020 Korean Drama in Urdu Hindi Dubbed Episode 1-3 Added

Backstreet Rockie 2020 – Hindi Dubbed Episode 1-3

If you are a big fan of Korean Drama, you might want to watch Backstreet Rockie in Urdu and Hindi. This website features dubbed episodes of Backstreet Rockie. Using the menu on the right, you can watch the drama in the language you prefer. For instance, you can watch Backstreet Rockie 2020 in Hindi, or Urdu.

Backstreet Rockie 2020 Korean Drama in Urdu

If you love Korean dramas and want to enjoy it in an interesting way, you can download Backstreet Rookie in Urdu or Hindi. You can download the entire series by visiting the following website and choosing the language you want to watch it in. The episodes are approximately 70 minutes in length, and you can download them by selecting the language from the menu option. However, you must be aware that a subtitled version may not be as high quality as the original Korean drama.

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Convenience Store Saet-byul

In the surreal prologue, the main character, Dae-Hyun, is introduced as a troubled, overworked convenience store manager who is struggling to keep the store running smoothly. He’s also struggling to get support from his family and the town, which is why he hires a part-timer to work the late-night shift. But the convenience store employee Saet-byul is hired to help him out when the time comes when he’s too busy to run the store. In a funny twist, he doesn’t burn Saet-byul, but instead lets her work her magic, attracting customers to the store.

However, his life didn’t stay the same. When Saet-Byul’s parents discovered her new relationship with Dae-Hyun, she was devastated. She sought out the boy, a farmer who’d stayed at the family’s convenience store. Dae-Hyun’s mom eventually persuaded her to stay. Dae-Hyun rehired her as store manager. They later worked together to help Saet-Byul get her GED.

Yeon-Joo and Dae-Hyun met at the convenience store. She heard gossip about Dae-Hyun’s new employee and was suspicious. The store manager, however, had a past with a delinquent. Dae-Hyun’s family was impoverished and scolded by the mother. As a result, Yeon-Joo and Dae-Hyun’s relationship was put to the test and they both decided to separate. The two will be forced to face the consequences of their actions.

Dae-Hyun meets Saet-Byul in a convenience store. She tries to convince him to buy her cigarettes, but he refuses. He rewards him with a kiss and candy. Later, Saet-Byul becomes very jealous of Dae-Hyun’s devotion to her.


If you’ve been looking for a new drama to watch online, you’ve come to the right place. This new drama series, based on a webtoon, is an enchanting romantic comedy that will leave you hooked. Produced by Taewon Entertainment, the Korean TV show is the first to receive investment from Lifetime. It is the definition of a love triangle, and the cast of Backstreet Rockie is sure to take you on an emotional rollercoaster.


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